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Valium Side Effects

Valium Side Effects

What makes Valium one of the most prescribed medications on earth is its versatile uses. From physical issues to mental disorders, Valium can pretty much take care of them all. Although it is an ideal medication for a lot of diseases, it comes with some side effects. Here, we will talk about all the possible Valium side effects.

Mild Side Effects of Valium

Mild side effects occur at the beginning. If your doctor has prescribed you Valium, and it is your first time, you may experience a few minor discomforts. They happen because your body is not used to the new drug. They depend on the age, sex, dose, and medical condition of the patient.

Let us remember that Valium is a CNS relaxant. That means that its primary function is to calm the brain and the body as fast as possible. So, when you start taking it, you may feel these few moderate side effects:

  • Sleepiness:Usually within 15 minutes after taking. It is not unusual. Your body is in a relaxing mode. If possible, do not operate motor vehicles or other complicated machinery. There is nothing you can do about it in the beginning. Let your body get used to it. After 2-3 days, you will be able to resume normal operations.
  • Dizziness:Also an effect of relaxation. You won’t be able to study, read, or watch TV. Why not just take a rest and let the medication work.
  • Lightheadedness:It is also a relaxing effect. You are unable to think, especially about complicated problems. That is exactly what the medication should do. It was designed to reduce Anxiety Disorder so you should not try to think much.
  • Blur Vision:Just one more relaxing effect.
  • Loss of Appetite:Who needs food when you are relaxing. Valium was designed to reduce excess work for the brain. Eating may not be that important at that moment. You should eat something before you take Valium.

These mild side effects will go away within 2-3 days. If they don’t and they become uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor.

Moderate Side Effects of Valium

So you have been taking Valium for a while now (2-3 months). Your body is used to it, but it may start developing tolerance. That means that a higher dose is required, but you have kept the same dose as before. Therefore, your body starts to experience lack.

When the body requires a high dose but you don’t give enough, the following are some moderate side effects:

  • Insomnia: You may not be able to sleep well enough since your body doesn’t have enough relaxing materials.
  • Anxiety:Your Anxiety may return, but this time, the reason is not your original trigger, but the fact that you are not having enough Valium. This can be a precursor to addiction.
  • Mood Swings:What happens when we don’t have enough rest and relaxation? We start to feel agitated. People in this state may react violently to normal things.
  • Headaches and Migraines:A common occurrence due to restlessness.
  • Nausea and Vomiting: Very seldom does it happen but it happens.

These moderate side effects should be taken to a doctor for advice. The reason is that if your body has developed tolerance, it is probably time to stop taking Valium. For whatever reason you started taking it, if the doctor thinks that it has been healed, he’ll tell you to stop.

If that disease is not fully healed and more medication is required, the health professional will probably increase the dose or select a different medication like Clonazepam.

Severe Side Effects of Valium

These occur only after you have taken Valium for a long time (6 months and above). Beware that Valium is a Benzodiazepine and has something to do with the central nervous system. After your CNS has relaxed for a long time, there are several severe side effects of Valium.

  • Lack of Coordination:Over time, the more relaxed you are the more your, the lazier your brain gets. This can cause a disconnection between the brain and the muscles. A person suffering from this may not be able to walk in straight lines and drive a normal car.
  • Fatigue:Long period of relaxation also causes the muscles to weaken. You may not be able to walk, run, or do some normal physical activities. You may feel tired for most of the day.
  • Loss of Vision:The lenses and cornea in our eyes have to constantly adjust to the external light stimuli. Too much relaxation for a long time can reduce that ability. You may experience loss of vision, nearsightedness, or farsightedness.
  • Airheadedness:It is a total loss of ability to think. The more our brain relaxes, the less the blood flows. We cannot think if the brain receives less blood.
  • Addiction: Long-tern use of Valium can cause addiction. Your body gets totally dependent on the relaxing effect and without it, you cannot operate.
  • Suicidal Thoughts: This is another symptom that you have used Valium for a long time. You may have suicidal thoughts.

These severe Valium side effects only happen when you have used Valium for a long time so don’t let it get to that. However, if you are experiencing these, you must consult your doctor and get to rehab.

Your doctor will refer you to a proper place for rehabilitation. You should also undergo a CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and may have to join a support group. Nevertheless, don’t lose hope because these effects are reversible.

However, if you are not experiencing any of the side effects, or your doctor has asked you to stop, but you still feel that you might have some anxiety or panic attacks in the future, it is a good idea to keep some in your medicine cabinet.

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